A delegation from Bonn, led by Prof. Achim Hoerauf, joined IMMIP’s long standing collaboration research partner institute, the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine, to celebrate its 25 years Anniversary. The Delegation from the University Hospital Bonn and the University of Bonn was made up of Prof. Marc Hübner, Dr. Kenneth Pfarr and Julia Meyer from IMMIP and Christine Müller and Hannah Weisheit from the international office, Uni Bonn.
Prof. Hoerauf and his research partners Prof. Alexander Y. Debrah, Dr Linda Batsa Debrah and Prof. Ohene Adjei made a joint presentation on 25 years of filariasis research at KCCR.
Prof. Marc Hübner and Dr. Kenneth Pfarr, combined their visit with giving lectures on the 30th Nov- 1st Dec, at the KNUST, hosted by Prof. Alexander Debrah.

Further reading: https://www.dzif.de/en/25-years-kumasi-centre-collaborative-research-tropical-medicine-kccr

Youtube Video: KCCR 25TH Annniversary Celebration: Symposium - YouTube

Prof. Achim Hoerauf, Director IMMIP, presenting on 25 years of  filariasis research

Christine Müller, International Office University of Bonn, together with the international office team at KNUST