Prof. Dr. Marc Hübner                  
DZIF Professor for Translational Microbiology
 ©UKB /J. F. Saba

Filarial parasites can cause debilitating diseases such as lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis) and onchocerciasis (river blindness), but they also modulate the immune system of their hosts to prevent the development of pathology and to enable their long-term survival within the host. Up to date there is no short-term treatment regimen available that mediates a macrofilaricidal efficacy (kills the adult filariae) nor a vaccine that prevents the infection with filariae.   

My lab focuses on three different aspects of filariasis:

1) Protective immune responses against filariae and especially the protective role of eosinophils and neutrophils and the contribution of extracellular DNA traps (ETosis). In addition, we aim to improve vaccination regimens and understand the involved immune responses. For these investigations we use the Litomosoides sigmodontis mouse model, immunodeficient mice, as well as in vitro cultures of murine and human cells.

2) Filarial immunomodulation and its beneficial impact on life-style diseases such as diet-induced insulin resistance in both the L. sigmodontis animal model as well as a human study with filariasis patients in Cameroon.   

3) Preclinical testing of drug candidates for filariasis in order to identify novel drugs that mediate a macrofilaricidal efficacy. This is done in close collaboration with partners from industry (AbbVie, Bayer Animal Health, Celgene, etc.).



  • German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)), German African Project: Impact of human filarial infections on the metabolic and immunological profile
  • German Research Foundation, Excellence Cluster ImmunoSensation2 : Filarial immunomodulation
  • Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi) : In vivo and in vitro testing of potential macrofilaricidal drug candidates
  • German Center for Infection Research (Deutsches Zentrum für Infektionsforschung (DZIF)): DZIF Professorship - pre-clinical and clinical identification of novel treatments for NTDs
  • Elanco: In vivo testing of drug candidates in the L. sigmodontis model
  • European Commission Horizon 2020: HELP - Helminth Elimination Platform
  • Global Health EDCTP3 Joint Undertaking: eWHORM - enabling the WHO Road Map
  • Manchot Stiftung: Scholarship on ILCs for Julia Reichwald
  • Manchot Stiftung: Scholarship on in vivo/in vitro testing of oxfendazole combination therapy for Hannah Wegner
  • Manchot Stiftung: Scholarship on pathogen-specific eosinophil ETosis for Celia Nieto Pérez

Team Members:

Indulekha Karunakaran, Ph.D.
Junior group leader
Tel: 0228 287 11370
indulekha.karunakaran (at)

©UKB /J. F. Saba

Alexander Kazakov, Ph.D.
Project Manager/Scientific Advisor
Tel: 0228 287 16807
alexander.kazakov (at)
©UKB /J. F. Saba

Frederic Risch, Dr. rer. nat
Postdoctoral fellow
Tel: 0228 287 11374
frederic.risch (at)


Benjamin Lenz, Dr. rer. nat
Postdoctoral fellow
Tel: 0228 287 11374

benjamin.lenz (at)
©UKB /J. F. Saba

Cheng Wang
Ph.D. Student
Tel: 0228 287 19169

Hannah Wegner
Ph.D. Student
Tel: 0228 287 11374

Pia Schumacher, approbierte Tierärztin
Ph.D Student
Tel: 0228 287 19169
©UKB /J. F. Saba

Martina Fendler
Tel: 0228 287 16312
©UKB /J. F. Saba

Marianne Koschel
Tel: 0228 287 19155
marianne.koschel (at)

©UKB/ J. F. Saba

Ahmad Saleh
Tel: 0228 287 19169
ahmad.saleh (at)


Linda Bart
Tel: 0228 287 15884
©UKB /J. F. Saba

Wiebke Strutz
Tel: 0228 287 15678
©UKB /J. F. Saba

Celia Nieto Pérez
Ph.D. student
Tel: 0228 287 19155

celia.nieto-perez (at)

Katharina Krings, B.Sc.
Studentische Hilfskraft
Tel: 0228 287 19807
©UKB /J. F. Saba

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Our students

  • Maximiliano Hess Cancino
  • Nina Engel
  • Ola Dubiel
  • Lucas Bergmann
  • Julia Frangen



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