World NTD Day #EndTheNeglect   #BeatNTDs

On the 30th of January the world came together to celebrate the World NTDs Day. This was the 2nd time the day was celebrated since its launch in Jan 30 2020. To raise NTD awareness around the world, 57 monuments around the world were lit up orange and purple, as part of  "Light Up the World" campaign for NTDs. The monuments included, among others, the Giza pyramids in Egypt, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil,the Great wall of China in China and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. In Germany, the Bayer building and the Sony center in Berlin, the Nibelungen bridge in Worms and Kloster Lorsch in Lorsch also light up for NTDs. Watch the video clip to see the monuments that were lit up. Also as part of raising awareness, IMMIP professors, Prof. Marc Hübner and Prof Achim Hoerauf gave interviews to mark the date.
Deutsche Welle: Vernachlässigte Tropenkrankheiten - es trifft immer die Armen ( neglected tropical diseaseses - the poor are always affected with Prof. Marc Hübner and Prof. Achim Hörauf).
Zoonosen.net: World NTD Day – 5 Fragen an den Experten (5 questions for the Expert with  Prof. Achim Hoerauf)