A fascination for roundworms

Worms and other parasites cause numerous and widespread tropical diseases which are largely overlooked. At the DZIF, research teams are focused on fighting these diseases. Since August 2020, parasitologist Professor Marc Hübner has been developing this research further as a DZIF Professor for Translational Microbiology at the Bonn-Cologne partner site.

Professor Marc Hübner knows that worms are not one of the first things that come to mind in the field of microbiology. However, even when worms reach lengths of up to 70 cm, they are often still classified as microbes, along with other parasites. Parasitic helminths have fascinated Marc Hübner since the beginning of his studies. “I dedicated myself to the study of parasites right from the first semester,” he remembers. Hübner began his biology studies at the University of Hohenheim in 1998. At the time, as he was commuting and needed to fill in the time in-between courses, he swiftly registered for a parasite course that was not intended for first-semester students. This turned out to be his entry point into a field of study that still captivates him to this very day and in which he has been very successful.

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