Rethinking the Global Health Architecture: NTDs and Malaria can be Tackled Together

Malaria and neglected tropical diseases can be tackled together, the participants of the webinar “Integrated and cross-sectoral interventions: Example Neglected Tropical Diseases and Malaria” which took place within the Actionweek of the Global Health Hub Germany. International experts had met in the run-up to the Kigali Summit on Malaria and NTDs, scheduled for June, to find out how both diseases - NTDs and malaria - can be tackled together and how this can lead to a paradigm shift in health policy.

 Dr Mwelecele Ntuli Malecela, Director, Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases, World Health Organization (WHO) advocated for reformulating the global health architecture and breaking down vertical health financing and allowing endemic countries more flexibility in spending as part of their greater responsibility for programmes.

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Participants: Dr Mwelecele Ntuli Malecela, Director, NTDs at the WHO, Dr Aimable Mbituyumuremyi, Division Manager for Malaria and NTD Programmes, Government of Rwanda, Richard Allan, CEO, MENTOR Initiative, Dr Daniel Eibach, Senior Health Officer One Health, BMZ, Dr Lutz Hegemann, Group Head, Corporate Affairs and Global Health, Novartis, Dr. Dr. Carsten Köhler, University Hospital Tübingen and Prof. Achim Hoerauf, Director IMMIP and Speaker DNTDs